Yelling against the cacophony

Yelling against a cacophony does me no good. I know that my voice is small and quiet. It's not immoral to be a barker, but it's not a career I'm suited for--not even if the wares I promote are my own. Fortunately, not every show needs a barker. Not every product needs a salesman on a soapbox. There are other ways of selling and other ways of promoting.

That's not an excuse for not promoting something you hope might be valuable. Failing to promote your own work might indicate that you don't see much value in what you do. I'll be tweeting a link to this post out when I am finished. Those who come here from my tweet will even find a link to buy stuff I've written.

I'm not going to yell about myself, though, not on Twitter or here or anywhere. I know that I'd never be heard against the din.