Welcome, spammers!

A funny thing has happened to this humble bloggy thing over the past couple of weeks, especially since the move to these new digs: I've got spam! Now, one response to my new comment spam would be to complain and gripe about having to mark and remove the spam, and then to try to update my anti-spam defenses. I'm not going to do any of that--except for the last one--though.

I'm just happy to be noticed.

I'm not about to claim that the Spambots of the Interwebs (which would be a great title for a science fiction novel, btw) have any taste in their targets, much less good taste. I know the uptick in comment spam is no true validation of the quality of my work. I am still of the mind that it is good to be noticed, even if I am being noticed by snippets of code trying to sell me dodgy search engine optimization strategies. Perhaps I am sanguine about my friendly local spambots simply because both online friends and site metrics assure me that there are actual sentient human beings reading my occasional bloggy nonsense, but as it is I am not of a mind to freak out much over hucksters trying to sell counterfeit name brand goods in the comments of my blog; I'll just mark them as spam and move on.

So, welcome one and all! Feel free to leave a comment! Just don't expect me to approve anything about using an improved keyword strategy to maximize page views, or knock off designer housewares, or 'male enhancement,' or women in Russia with a burning desire to meet me.

Postscript: I apologize, Angelica, if you truly are a human being who is deeply concerned that my Unhealthy Enthusiasms post is missing 300 page views a day. I am gratified by your confidence that there are 300 new people each and every day desperately wanting to read a brief post I wrote in early September of this year, if only they could more easily find it in a Google search. While I do think I have a chance of getting somewhere with this writing thing, I'm not pinning all my hopes on obtaining 100k+ unique viewers per year from that post alone. Thank you for caring enough to comment, though.