Waiting for beer

I bottled my first batch of beer a few weeks ago. Now it waits in the basement and I wait for it. WaitingBeer

The instructions say to let my future pilsner carbonate in the bottles for two weeks and then "condition" in the bottles for another two weeks. That adds up to a total of four weeks of waiting. This weekend marks the end of week three.

I actually sort of cheated last weekend. The family member who gave me the Mr. Beer kit as a gift was over for a visit. She wasn't likely to return for months, so I threw caution to the wind, opened a bottle, and handed out samples. The beer was shockingly good. Perhaps it was a little green, but it was oh-so drinkable--and I'm not even much of a fan of pilsners.

I wanted more beer of my own creation after that first premature taste, but thanks to Boulevard and Free State I  have sufficient beer to make it through one more week of waiting. I'm going to count that upcoming beer as my "first," notwithstanding my sampling a week ago.

Brewing is one of the many areas of life where patience will be rewarded. Most of life is waiting.