People ask me all the time: how do you make money on your blog? The answer is easy: volume.

Okay, actually no one has ever asked me how I make money off of my blog. I guess those who wonder about such things assume that I am either contentedly destitute or independently wealthy. Perhaps (and more likely) they correctly assume that I am another in the fine line of aspiring writers with a day job.

If I achieve a certain volume here, the motivation is not to make money in any particular or immediate way. Sure, I hope to maybe make money off of writing stuff someday; maybe a more or less daily rate of posts will help with that. I remain open to selling the movie rights to this fine blog if a major Hollywood studio would like to make me an offer.

In the here-and-now and the not-utterly-nuts, though, I can't imagine any scenario where I make enough money from this endeavor to do anything other than maybe buy a small cup of coffee. If I was trying to make money off of the sheer volume of my blog posts, selling obnoxious ads would be more effective than my Amazon Affiliate account or even hawking an anthology that includes some of my stories.

For whatever deranged reason, I mostly write--both to post here and to submit elsewhere--because I have something to say. If my volume is high, that's simply because I have quite a lot of somethings to say. Saying them is reward enough.