Time Wasting Morons

You have a time wasting moron in your life. We all have one or two. Maybe you have a co-worker who generates more work for you than productive accomplishments of their own. Could be there's a family member who at best means well, and may not always even clear that bar, who places demands both oppressive and pointless upon you. Perhaps you have a customer that provides more pain than profit. Time wasting morons have even gone high tech these days, some to be trolls and some to simply be the least capable and most needy people you interact with online.

Whatever your situation, you have a time wasting moron who bedevils you from time to time, or perhaps even more often than that. The only way to avoid time wasting morons is to become an old school hermit and deal only with yourself, but if you've taken that route you aren't reading this blog post anyway (unless you're the worst old school hermit ever).

It's tempting, oh so tempting, to tell the time wasting morons where they can stick their stupidity, their obnoxiousness, their neediness, and their concern trolling. It's tempting to point out to the time wasting morons in your life all the ways they are morons who waste your time, but I hope you won't do that--not for the sake of the time wasting morons, who deserve far worse than your tongue lashing, but for your sake.

If you start making it your business to tell time wasting morons that they are, indeed, time wasting morons, pretty soon that's the only thing you'll have time for in your life. We have an abundance of time wasting morons in this world, and each of those has nothing but time, time they will gleefully devote to interacting with you on whatever terms you demand. Correcting time wasting morons is, well, a waste of time . . . and not particularly bright, since you'll never actually fix a time wasting moron.

You can't make a time wasting moron see patterns in the world around them that they're not equipped to spot or are just unwilling to acknowledge. All you can do with a time wasting moron is smile politely and help as best you can, and maybe try to avoid them in the future. Anything else is a waste of your time, and moronic to boot--and you wouldn't want to be a time wasting moron.