Time and effort for a Word Monkey

A few years back, a project at my day job went sideways. My boss at the time asked me to send an email to the folks footing the bill. I carefully crafted a message explaining the unforeseen circumstances we had encountered and how we would do our best to create a silk purse from the sow's ear (for which we bore no responsibility whatsoever, of course)--but, by the way, we still fully expected to get paid a large sum of money for our efforts leading up to and following the debacle. We received both forgiveness for the fuck-up and payment for our services.

After that, my boss asked me to write a lot of emails, for he made abundant fuck-ups.

The problem with being the guy who wrote the emails bearing unfortunate news was that they read so well only because they took a lot of time and effort to write. I wasn't in customer service; I had been hired to do a job, but my boss expected me to that job AND be his Word Monkey on the side, only without any extra compensation. There were a lot of problems with that job, but being a voluntold bearer of bad news really stuck in my craw.

I quit that job. I figure that if I'm going to be somebody's Word Monkey, I might as well have my own blog. I'm still not getting paid, but at least I'm putting in the time and effort for myself. I'm my own Word Monkey.