This is also not an Lolcat blog

I broke more than one of my unarticulated rules of this blog last night. To begin with, I decided to throw caution to the wind and blog about my beloved Sporting Kansas City. This isn't a soccer blog, but it is my blog, so when my team started their season, that seemed appropriate to do.

I also posted pictures.

I hadn't bothered to figure out how to post a picture to a WordPress blog out of a combination of sloth and a theory that I was a high-minded literary sort who relied upon my crisp, clean text to communicate my point. I figured that being retrograde might be charming.

Then my wife said, "you know, that blog of yours would be more entertaining with pictures."

I know on which side my bed is warmed.

I figured out how to post pictures.

Worry not, however, all lovers of text: I am not going to turn this space into some kind of Lolcat blog or anything.

Oh, hai!