I don't comment on politics here as frequently as I thought I would when I started this bloggy-thingy. Turns out there's so much mean spirited ignorance to call out that I am better off leaving that chore to the professionals, or at least the dedicated amateurs. Besides, digging up the details to prove the Fool of the Moment wrong consumes time I don't possess and changes few minds. I limit myself to the few situation where I think I have something to add. Today I think I have something to add.

Did you know that it's harder to get a vasectomy than an abortion in America? Of course you didn't, because that's batshit crazy. Yes, this particular instance of batshit crazy is from a low-level legislator in a different state, but this is something I can actually speak to.

Let me assure you: getting a vasectomy is really freaking easy, as well as a good idea for a guy who's finished with his baby-making.

Many years ago, when my wife and I decided that our reproductive years needed to be put behind us, I scheduled an appointment with the nearest urologist covered by our health insurance. I had work meetings schedule for that afternoon because I had assumed that a vasectomy would require two doctor visits: one to discuss the procedure and another to actually perform the operation.

When I told the doctor that I was there for a vasectomy, he started scrubbing in, all while commending me for the decision and advising me about the simple but important details I would need to be aware of during my brief recovery. When I told him that I needed to schedule a second visit for the procedure instead of doing it on the spot, he was willing to humor me (and charge me a second copay).

I managed to schedule the procedure for early the following Thursday, which not coincidentally was the beginning of the NCAA Tournament. I was home and in bed with an ice pack in place before the first half of the early games had finished. From start to finish, getting a vasectomy the easiest to obtain medical service I have ever encountered.

For obvious reasons, I haven't had an abortion to compare my vasectomy to.

Given the obstacles overwhelmingly male politicians (including today's undistinguished gentleman from Tennessee) want to erect to women seeking to control their own reproductive destiny, and given their allegedly good faith misunderstanding about the obstacles encountered by men wishing to control our reproduction, I feel like I should chime in.

Turns out, us dudes manage to avoid governmental meddling with our reproductive equipment and our decisions regarding it. If a guy wants a quick snip-snip to bring our chance of accidental fatherhood down to virtually zero, he doesn't have to return at a later time for the procedure. He's not forced to listen to a lecture about disproven crackpot medical theories. He's not shown pictures of his theoretical children. There's no mandatory sperm-related crisis-counseling.

As a man, all I had to do was schedule an appointment, make my request, and then allow a tiny bit of time for my recovery. It's almost as if I was viewed as an adult human being or something.