There's roadwork between my house and my office. I'm sure the new-and-improved road will be great when the crew's done ripping up the old asphalt and putting down new, but right now the work adds a random amount of time to my commute. There's only one lane for both directions of traffic, so you have to wait your turn. Today I left the house extra early to be sure to make a meeting, and I didn't even have to pause on my way in. I wasn't so lucky coming home this evening. It took more than one turn before I got to head past the construction and out of town.

The extra time has to come from somewhere, of course, borrowed from sleep and other voluntary activities. Now that I know the road work may be there, I can pick and choose what other part of my life to cut back on twice a day. It's worse when you don't know the extra time is going to be needed. Almost every trip, I see people getting frustrated and turning around. You can read the anger in the scowls, see it in the way they gun their engines once they're pointed away from the blockage. Turning around doesn't do any good, though. There's not a detour for miles and miles. Maybe the frustrated drivers don't know that there's not an alternative route, no easier way other than through the delay. Patience would get them to work or home sooner, but apparently sitting and waiting for a pilot car is just too much to endure.

Sometimes you just have to bear down and wait out the troubles.