Reach and Grasp

I can reach further than I can grasp. I can aspire higher than my abilities can carry me. I'm pretty sure most creative types are that way. Perhaps some don't suffer from this affliction. If they don't, I'm pretty sure it's due to lowered ambitions rather than extraordinary abilities. I certainly don't claim to know the torment between another's ears, but plenty of people seem content to occupy themselves with whatever the television programmers have given them for their current time slot; such people can float through life with their ambitions eternally aligned with their abilities.

We can only strengthen our grasp by training at its limit, by working at that place where our reach only just exceeds it. Then when the shiny object we clutch for falls and shatters, we have to simply clutch again for the next, again and again, until we grab onto one. Then we reach for the prize just a bit further away.

Either that or we turn on the television.