I dream about the unhurried experience with ample time to explore and just enjoy. I fantasize about those hours devoted to passion that pass so quickly that the time on the clock shocks me when I am done. Those times only encourage me to try to find that chance again--but I have to admit, those opportunities are rare. I think we are all like that.

Most of the time, we catch opportunities where we can, when we can. Perhaps a postponed meeting lets the workday commence later than usual and opens up a few precious moments in the morning; maybe a possibility arises before the kids are done with school; sometimes you can play hooky from an afternoon's responsibilities. We are well-advised to seize the moment when it arrives, even if it is imperfect, and make of it what we can. With a bit of passion and a dose of devotion, you'd be surprised how quickly your blood can boil. Savoring the opportunity you have sure beats idly hoping for a better chance.

Of course most of us long for the leisurely pace even if we have to settle for a quickie most of the time. The quickie gets a bad rap, I think. What a quickie lacks in artistry can be more than compensated for with passion and intensity.  Personally, I think I do best when I am a little bit rushed. A love distilled is a love intense.

Even if it's a quickie--especially if it's a quickie--I get my writing done.