Overeducated hillbilly; writer; reader; rooter.

I'm not a big fan of writing about myself on my own blog, at least not in the direct way. At least 90% of my posts here are actually about me, of course. I'm plenty narcissistic enough to inject myself and my thoughts about life and sex and writing and beer and everything else important into everything I post here. I just draw the line at the obvious self-description.

In an effort to grow as a writer more than in anticipation anyone cares, I figure maybe I should give a proper introduction a shot now that I am over a hundred posts into this endeavor. My current twitter bio is a good enough place to start: "Overeducated hillbilly. Writer of stuff. Reader. Rooter."

I was born a hillbilly; I had no choice in the matter. No one can choose to be a hillbilly. You can move to the hills, you can marry into one of the tribes and see your children and grandchildren absorbed into a hill clan, but without birth you just don't belong. My branch of the hillbilly tree grows in the Missouri Ozarks from the Scotch-Irish rootstock that produced so many of us.

I suppose I chose to seek an education, I've seen plenty of my kin choose not to. As a hillbilly with any education, it's pretty easy to wear the tag 'overeducated.' The hills are not a place that values book learning, but I got a lot of book learning. I somehow made it to a fancy college out east, back when (to paraphrase one of my favorite authors) the thread of destiny might yet be plucked from the hills and hollers. I got a physics degree and, better yet, I met a girl. Actually, I met a lot of girls--meeting girls being one of the chief draws of college to my younger self--but in particular, I met the girl I married. Then I went to more school, because one fancy degree just wasn't enough. Any fancy degree will render the typical hillbilly overeducated; two degrees leave no room for doubt. I'm an overeducated hillbilly.

I'm a writer of stuff. I write a lot of stuff. My day job requires me to write many words, and my various writing obsessions compel me to write more in my evenings and weekends. You can read my blogging obsessions right here, one of my somewhat silly story obsessions here, and some of my fiction in the Creep anthology. With a little luck and my continued willingness to endure rejection, you may eventually get to read my stuff in all the finer literary journals of the English reading world. Or maybe I will self-publish.

I'm a reader. I've blogged about a tiny fraction of the stuff I like to read. I mostly like to read speculative science fiction, except that sometimes I prefer more speculation than science in my fiction, and sometimes I don't really require much of the speculation or the science, just a compelling story well told. Poetry is nice sometimes, too.

I'm a rooter. I'm not a rooter just because I'm a fan of alliteration. I'm a rooter for pretty much the same reason I'm a hillbilly, a writer, and a reader: I just can't help it. Growing up where I did, I was raised as an obsessive fan of Cardinals' baseball. That admission may cause some to mock, but Cardinals fandom is one of the few markers of my hillbilly tribe I still carry with enthusiasm. Since settling in the Kansas City area after finishing with getting myself overeducated, casual support of the Royals and a burning devotion to Sporting Kansas City have joined my rooting passions. Sporting opens their season tomorrow, and I'll be there.

This is the part of the belated introduction where I'm supposed to say, 'well, that's about it about me,' only that's not really even close to about it. Twitter may limit how many characters I can use in my bio, but I see no reason to limit my own life and interests. Still, I'll stop here, at least for the next hundred or so posts.