Not with a Whimper, but with Bigotry

Not all cultures fade away via absorption into a larger group or in a flurry of advertising mailers. I feel more than a bit of sympathy for the cultures that fade away. There's a special place in my heart for those folks, warts and all. Then there are those cultures that fling their hatred into the sunrise that chases away the dark night that had been hiding their bigotry. I look to the end of those cultures with nothing but optimism for the new day when they no longer hold sway. For surely, they are ending, and that inevitable end is the reason for their fury, impotent though it is before the slow arc of progress.

Indiana's bigoted governor and legislature have already become a well-deserved object of derision, from more directions than I could ever link to in a single post. They deserve every bit of the criticism, every single boycott, and most of all to be voted the hell out of office.

This issue was resolved when race-mixing was the sin sincerely objected to by religionists, and the answer in America remains the same now as then. Disapprove of gay people, or black people, or Catholics, or conspiracy theorists, or Republicans all you like--but if you choose to be in business serving the public, you don't get to pick and choose which part of the public you serve. If you truly think you'll go to hell for baking a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, you bettered stop selling your wedding cakes.

Given the circumstances, I'm pretty sure that me adding a blog post to the right side of history on this issue of civil rights isn't going to be the difference maker here. This afternoon I thought about maybe writing about beer or writing or soccer or how a certain tractor has finally moved, but the reality is that each of us has an obligation to add our small voice on the side of equality when we can.

If I don't post on my blog about this, then why in the world am I doing this?

The beer update can wait until tomorrow.