My Metamorphic Friends

Wet weather can be hard on some critters, but the cicadas don't mind a bit. The nymphs have come out from their underground hiding places, molted into adults and, their metamorphosis complete, commenced to looking for love. I have other metamorphic friends these days, too.


Butterflies I have in abundance at the Benton Compound. Were they less pleasant insects, I'd call them a plague--but aside from driving the cats nuts, they aren't causing me any trouble. I was tickled by a proboscis probing my forearm, though.


It seems like my metamorphic friends have timed their changes just right. There's something to be said for being able to change your very self when your environment changes. One day, you're swimming in a watery world, but as the world dries a bit you hop into a smorgasbord of bugs by the compost bin.


Changes take longer for us humans, even when we need to make them. For insects and amphibians, the change just happens. We have to decide for ourselves.