Mow grass while the sun shines


There's nothing like the wettest month on record to end a drought mindset. This wet weather beats drought, but it brings its own challenges. I spent approximately twenty-seven hours on Sunday pushing a mower around and around the bit of Tall Grass Prairie that's supposed to be the yard here at the Benton Compound. I splashed though puddles in low patches and stopped time and again to unplug the tall, thick, and wet grass from the mower's discharge. I restarted and refueled and kept marching in my spiraled path. I eventually finished the mowing, even though I usually break the yard into three days work when the grass is shorter. I stumbled into the air conditioning and might have even whined a bit to my wife.

I didn't want to work that hard or that long on a hot, steamy Sunday. I just didn't see much of another option, though, other than maybe buying goats to graze it all down. The weather forecast claimed more rain starting Sunday afternoon and lasting through the night was a mortal lock. So I sweated and cursed and walked miles and miles within sight of my house.

Turns out, the rain never showed up here. The radar showed storms all around us, but all we got were lightning displays on the horizon. I guess I could have waited to finish up my mowing this evening and avoided some of the mud puddles, but that's okay. My Monday evening has been opened up now. Good things happen when you mow grass while the sun shines.