Monday morning procrastination

I write this on a Monday morning, a Monday morning with a to-do list longer than my arm and truly urgent deadlines to meet. For reasons that are a mystery to me, these are the circumstances that cause my brain to brim with ideas for fiction and essays and blog posts and poems. Maybe my subconscious simply finds writing more engaging than my day job and latches onto the possibilities other than work. Maybe the need to focus elsewhere de-centers my creative self enough to work around the inevitable blocks to the creative process.

Maybe I am just a classic procrastinator.

Regardless, I will have to keep slogging away on the parts of life that actually pay my bills, at least until I get the big payday for the movie rights to my blog. [Aside to any Hollywood executives who may be reading this: I'm sure that we can work something out for Thomas I. Benton--On Screen! Please get in touch.]

Off to the workaday world.