Looking back

Yes, the rolling over of the calendar thing is rather arbitrary, but the arbitrarily defined last day of the year provides an opportunity for reflecting upon the year almost past nevertheless. My 2014 began with a broken bone, but with a little luck it will conclude without disturbing my restored physical integrity. Depending upon how you look at it, 2014 was either terrible for me (a broken elbow! story rejections! more story rejections!) or wonderful (healing! stories good enough to submit!).

I like to think of a year as more than a chain of events, though. I tell myself that a year is a way of measuring what I have learned in life. The events along the way are just the lessons.

That whole broken elbow thing taught me quite a lot about my wife's love for me. She drove her pain addled husband to the emergency room through a snow storm; she followed that up by doing all the little things requiring two hands that we take for granted, like cutting my food. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

The writing rejections, leavened with successes here and there, have taught me patience and perseverance, to be sure, but reading story after story in journal after journal has also taught me that I'm good enough to do this writing thing. That makes weathering all those rejections--and seeking even more--possible.

Those are valuable lessons, and I am grateful for them--even if they hurt a bit along the way.