Little words and big events

Almost everyone wants to wear a rainbow this weekend, and that's cool. It's sweet when two adults want to pledge their lives to one another. I'm glad the Supreme Court swept away barriers to gays and lesbians wanting to make that pledge. At the risk of sounding all conservative, marriage is an institution that may not be for everyone, but it sure does seem to be good for most people I've known. I've been married long enough to chuckle a bit about the aspirational descriptions of marriage bandied about by courts and commentators. Marriage is all those wonderful things, but it's the harder bits that bring the wonderful. Sure, the car from the commercial is great when you're cruising down the scenic road, but to enjoy the scenic road you have to learn how to drive it, you have to put gas in it and you have to change the oil sometimes. My wife's the most important person in my life, and our relationship brings me happiness and joy and comfort well beyond any other, but anyone thinking marriage is nothing but happiness and joy and comfort either is or soon will be single.

Of course there are a few who think rainbows are going to consume America. They predict terror and chaos and oppression. Predicting is their right so long as they don't try to fulfill their own prophecies by kicking off campaigns of terror and chaos and oppression. I'm pretty sure their biggest terrors are within, and I don't think society has to help them cope with those internal insecurities by harming others.

Sometimes in life there are these big events, times that expand our community of Americans a little bit more. I can't add much to this time with my little words when so many have written so eloquently already, and when so many have given more than words to bring a fuller justice to our land. My words aren't much, but today there's not really a better use I can put them to. Love wins.