Kids these days

My kids aren't really kids anymore; they're adults now. Even though the law treats adulthood as a staged thing, with a few more rights doled out every year or two, my own children are now full-sized mature in their outlook. My children are, for all relevant intents and purposes, adults these days. They may still seem young to me, but that's just because I'm their father. In the fine and long tradition of young adults, my adult-kids spent some time this summer as counselors to child-kids, people ten or so years younger than themselves. I guess my adult-kids learned some responsibility in the process, not that they were lacking in that department, but mostly they learned something about kids these days.

My adult-kids tell me that kids these days aren't like kids used to be. Kids these days make strange pop culture references to television shows my adult-kids have never heard of. Not that kids these days actually ever watch television, mind you--they just stream shows now. Kids these days just aren't like kids used to be; they have different music and movies and social media networks.

To me, kids these days look a lot like kids from a few years back when my own children were firmly in the 'kid' group. I can't really see the distinctions that alarm my kids so much, but I cut them some slack. I remember when I was the young adult, and the new kids in those days seemed so different from me even though they were only a decade or so younger. My adult-kids are just stepping onto the moving sidewalk that swept me along until the music of my youth became a niche alarmingly similar to the 'Golden Oldies' I remember from back when I was a kid proper.

The conveyor belt of time doesn't stop, it just sweeps up additional generations.

Kids these days: they're a lot like kids from any other day. Except for the ways they're not.