Journal stalking -- hillbilly science fiction, where are you?

The same hubris that leads me to post my writing on the interwebs causes me to want to submit short stories and such to literary journals. I am assured that those journals will inevitably reject my submissions, but at least I will know that someone else read enough of my story to reject it, at least a line or two.

Writing friends on the web have suggested several good journals to me, and others have pointed me to journal-finder-thingies that let you specify the genre you seek and other parameters. Those are fun. 

There's one definite problem for me, though: there are no hillbilly science fiction journals.

This seems like a serious market failure, as there have to be something like five people out there looking for hillbilly science fiction, and those five folks will be left unfulfilled. As it is, these poor folks will be reduced to reading science fiction journals and hoping to find the odd story involving hillbillies. That's very inefficient. It's a pity.