It feels like a miracle to an old guy

Just a few minutes ago, I was trying to finish up my workday when my phone started buzzing with notifications. It seems that the Mariners' Hisashi Iwakumi was taking a no-hitter into the 9th inning against the Orioles. I don't much care about either the Mariners or the Orioles, but I like baseball and appreciate history. I tuned in for the finish, right there on my phone. Of course Iwakumi finished his no-no. I got to watch the last three outs as fast as the video could be encoded and routed from Seattle to Kansas. I still don't care much about the teams, and I really hadn't thought much about the man of the hour until today, but it's always nice to see an athlete succeed. I smiled at the group of Mariners jumping and hugging and congratulating their hurler. It all made my day a little bit happier.

If back when I was a kid in the 80s or a freshly minted adult in the 90s you had told me that a pitcher for the Mariners would throw a no-hitter on August 12 of 2015, I would have found your prophecy oddly specific, but plausible. If you had told me that I would learn about the impending feat and then watch it happen on a 'phone' that I kept in my pocket, I would have thought you were writing science fiction of a most implausible variety.

I know it shows my age, but this all feels a little like a miracle to me.