I'm more a commie than a candy ass, really.

The Commies & Candy Asses Kerfuffle of Lawrence has mildly amused parts of America this week. A closing business that had always struck me as waaaaaaaaay to skeezy to patronize left town with a bang, bringing in a truck's worth of signage bidding "Goodbye Obamaville" and deriding the town as the "commie and candy ass capitol of Kansas." Technically, I think that should be "Goodbye, Obamaville" (rather like "Goodbye, Columbus"), but that's just because I'm the kind of candy ass that cares about punctuation and who reads counterculture propaganda masquerading as American literature. Naturally, the episode has spawned a Twitter account and a quiz (I was diagnosed as a candy ass) and no end of chuckling on social media. I've laughed more than most, I suspect, but I'm also encouraged by the silliness of the right wing temper tantrum, both here in LFK and around the country.

Our freedom-loving Tea Party friends can talk all they want about the American dictatorship that's taking shape and the oppression they suffer, but puh-lease. The actual Bolsheviks sent people to Siberia on their best days. A certain BBC show that I stream taught me that William the Conqueror essentially took the 'kill them all, and burn everything down for good measure' approach to subduing the English populace. The Tea Partiers are just pissed about being told to buy heavily subsidized health insurance.

We've come a long way as a species. We're so downright civilized these days that folks don't know what true oppression looks like. I hope they never have to find out.