I'm glad that you like to eat fish

As a married guy with a pretty wife, I guess maybe I don't understand the desperation that some men have to find a sexual partner. That kind of desperation has fueled brothels since time immemorial. A brothel can at least be an honest exchange. A guy thinking wishfully with his little head that lacks neurons opens himself up to a world of trouble. He can cause a world of trouble, too, but that's a topic for another day. Today I am, once again, thinking about the email scammers who blast out their titillating(!?) missives hoping to find some dude horny enough to be stupid enough to bite. While checking my spam folder this morning to free any actually important messages that might have been caught, I was greeted by a pair of identical messages:

How are you? My name is Lessie. I am 25 years old. I am from Chongqing. I like your page. How often do you visit the site? I really want to communicate with you. I am good at Thai massage and really like to eat fish. What about you? I guess that we will have many topics to talk about.Do you have some social networks? I will be waiting for your letter.

Best wishes,

My two new pen pals are improbably named Millie and Lessie. Who knew those were popular names in southwest China?

What really stuck out to me is how much these girls like to eat fish. You know how it is. There you are, enjoying your Thai massage from an unexpectedly named girl in a major Chinese city most Americans haven't heard of, and you say, 'hey, let's go eat some fish,' and she answers, 'I don't like to eat fish,' and that totally kills the mood. Well, you don't have to worry about that happening with Millie and Lessie--these girls like to eat fish.

Now that's a deal worth emailing back! I'm sure that we will have many topics to talk about.