If you're not a horrible person, you really shouldn't be bashful

The internet has spilled enough digital ink over the Crazy Christianists in Arkansas. I don't need to add to it. Others are  better situated to comment on that sad topic than I am. There's no shortage of exultation over the ouster of the corrupt head of an international sport's governing body. My little sliver of the internet can't offer a fresh take on that story. Other places have the topic well-covered.

Those two stories aren't really related, except that they both convinced me yet again that I'm doing the right thing by writing this bloggy-thing (and that you should blog or tweet or self-publish or whatever it is you want to do yourself). I have my flaws and inadequacies. I'm often sloppy and frequently ineloquent. Worse than the occasional typos, I've sinned aplenty, at least as much as there's such a thing as sin. I've hurt others in my life, and that's sin enough. We all have.

We all worry about our own shortcomings and failures. At least, those of us who aren't horrible people do. We fear being exposed as an imposter. We dread being found out for our garden variety crimes. We have to get over our bashfulness. Otherwise, only the horrible people will be left to clamor onto the stage.