Hump day

I'm one of a long line of writers with day jobs, and as a person with a day job I appreciate the virtue of Wednesday in the traditional Monday through Friday workweek. Wednesday is hump day. After Wednesday the working week isn't over, not even close, but Wednesday is the turning point of the week for the standard issue job of the type that seems increasingly scarce (but that's an entirely different post).

One of the beauties of even a bad day job, one of the things that many people miss even more than a steady paycheck when they start their own business or try to freelance, is the rhythm of a day and a week. Monday sucks, but it sucks in a way that you expect and understand. Monday tastes like familiar-but-foul medicine. Friday feels so good as to make Monday almost worth enduring.

Wednesday, though, Wednesday is the fulcrum around which your week turns. If you can just get to Wednesday, the rest of the week will fly by. Do good work before Wednesday, and you set yourself up for success in the back-half of the week. Get past Wednesday, and you are over the hump.

When we freelance or start a business or try to write for reasons that insist on remaining ill-defined even to ourselves, we don't know where the hump is except for in the rearview mirror. Maybe years on we can explore our hindsight and say, 'There, that was the moment where it all turned around. That is where I went from hobbyist to professional.'

We don't know in real-time, though. We don't know we have actually crested the hill until we have picked up so much speed that we are careening down the slope on the other side. Lacking a calendar to mark the regimented march of time, we don't have a turning point to look forward to; we only see the results of the turning years on.

Happy hump day this Wednesday, whatever kind of hump you are cresting.