How to spot a feminist

Apparently a variety of misogynists calling themselves "conservatives" on Twitter decided to have fun with a hashtag today, opining on the topic of #HowToSpotAFeminist. I can help them out. Here's one: JohnBrownPhotoOp

Yep, that's me there, appearing as John Brown at the local library.

I don't deserve any cookies or anything for taking the (not at all) bold stand of labeling myself a feminist. Believing that women are people just like men are people makes me a feminist, but believing anything less would make me a jerk (at best). It's kind of a low bar.

Then again, the guy holding the sunflower in the picture had the radical idea that black slaves were people who shouldn't have to live their lives as someone else's property. At least half the country thought he was crazy, and it didn't turn out well for John Brown or our nation.

It's been more than 150 years since then. You would've thought we'd have come further by now.