Happy Thanksgiving

Many posts in tribute to this rather peculiar American Holiday of Thanksgiving occurred to me yesterday, posts ranging from maudlin to snarky. Ideas kept popping into my head while pealing apples, washing every mixing bowl we own three times, and generally trying to help my wife cook enough food for two small armies. We collapsed into bed and slept off the food prep fatigue. A little later this morning we will load up our car, first with all that food and then (if we fit) with ourselves. We will visit one small army of relatives first, and then we will drive a few more hours to visit a second small army of relatives. Some of those relatives I like, some I endure, and some I avoid. When all the thankful visiting is over, we will drive home with some empty baking dishes and a mouthful of clichéd complaints about racist uncles. There's plenty of room for both the maudlin and the snarky in there, but I will let those resort for another day.

Today I will have a piece of my wife's apple pie, and that will be enough.