Good work if you can get it

I was talking with a buddy of mine today about his new job. He'd been dreaming and hoping and angling for his new gig for years before he had a chance to apply, and now he's been working at it for a couple of weeks. He's happy as a clam, in that complaining sort of way. He griped to me about his shift and workplace politics and being the junior guy at work. He can complain about the petty stuff because he finally has the stability and the benefits and the paycheck he's craved for so long. We're kind of lucky in this country, at least some of us are. We get to pick over a good job for the bad parts so we have something to complain about while we're not working--and we get times when we aren't working.

I'm as bad as anyone. I used to have one of those dream jobs you have to go to school for years and years to get, but I gleefully quit because it just wasn't a fit for me. I don't think for a second that I ought to have stuck with a job I hated because of what it paid, but I certainly think more folks need jobs good enough to complain about.

I sure don't begrudge my pal for griping to me today. It's good work if you can get it.