Filthy Lucre

In what probably amounts to a triumph of hope over reality, I have signed up for an Amazon Affiliate account. In other words, I will receive entire fractions of pennies if you click on this link to Amazon and buy tons of stuff. For example, do you need a new watch? At least, I think I will get fractions of pennies. I haven't tried it yet or anything. On a related note, the genesis of this whole Amazon Affiliate idea is that I actually read books, and this bloggy thing seems like a good place to post about the books I enjoy. I figured that if I was already posting a link to a book I like, I might as well get a few fractions of a penny should someone click on a link and buy the book. In other words, I'll be posting about books I have read or am reading around here soon.

Now I have to get back to my day job. Those fractions of pennies I might eventually receive aren't going to pay my mortgage.