Expecting the unexpected

I had to deal with a flat tire yesterday. Changing a tire wasn't on my plan at all. Flat tires aren't usually a big deal, but problems with the spare turned this tire change into a much bigger adventure than anyone would have expected, even if you were some hyper-prepared person who expected the flat tire. With a bit of improvisation, a couple of stymied would-be helpers, and crawling around in a dusty gravel pit alongside the road for an hour or so, the automotive situation was at least acceptable.

When we made it home, I hopped into the shower and watched puddles of sludge form around the drain. The afternoon of kicking around town with my wife had turned into a bigger adventure than I'd bargained for. When I emerged fresh-scrubbed and unsure what to do with my evening, I saw Kelly had left an opened bottle of beer for me without me even noticing.

The unexpected beer made all the crawling around in the dirt and gravel okay. We don't always need to expect the unexpected. Sometimes we can just roll with it.