Escaping inescapable pop culture

One of the great things about listening to NPR in the car is that I often learn something. Just this evening I learned two things about the three "inescapable" songs of the summer. To begin with, I learned that I've escaped them rather thoroughly up until today. The radio played snippets at me, and while they sound a lot like other music these days, I can't say that I'd ever heard any of those before. Then they interviewed some music producer dude I'd never heard of, and he talked about musicians I'd also never heard of. Apparently the music producer dude has done a really awesome job working with many musicians, so that now his work has noticed by everyone in America who isn't me. Bully for him, I say.

The second lesson I took from the story is that I'm very glad that I have not previously been subjected to those songs. Having no cable or satellite television in the house, listening only to NPR and podcasts, and reading a lot has left me blissfully unaware of the trendy music this summer. Ignorance is bliss.

I probably would have learned a third thing had I kept listening. I switched to Buck Owens to escape the din.