Ebb, flow, etc.

This summer's been wet so far for us. That's a welcome change after drought. Floods aren't great, but we live on high ground, so flooding is someone else's problem. It's easy for me to think (as I do) that streams out of their banks and flooded roads are a small price to pay for recharging aquifers and filling reservoirs. If your basement still smells from the two feet of water you had to pay someone to pump out of it, you may disagree with me. Two summers in a  row now, we've been on opposite sides of the average here. That ought not surprise anyone by itself, since means and medians live close together in a normal distribution, but this year and last the weather's felt far from average. We've all wanted to bank a few rainy days for the dry times and save a few sunny days for the the dreary times, but life and weather don't work that way.

Life and weather both give us ebbs and flows and times we don't know if we're ebbing or flowing. Riding out the weather is the easy part.