Drunkn Bonobo Righting

Returning to your own work after a day or two is often humbling, especially when the work in question was hastily concluded to do something like--and I am just speaking hypothetically here, mind you--attend various holiday related events with one's in-laws. I don't mind the occasional intentional non-grammatical turn of a phrase, because the properly grammatical turn of a phrase sometimes sounds terrible and/or pretentious, kind of like using "and/or" in a blog post. I hate those damn typos and homophones, though. I always think that those make me look like a bonobo in its cups at a keyboard. Of course I am complaining about this particular issue because it happened to me recently. You know what I did? This morning I went back, made a few fixes, and clicked the "update" button. Poof, my posts at least don't have those errors anymore. My pay was not docked, I have (thus far) not been publicly shamed, and I have every reason to believe that my wife still loves me. Once again, the fear of making an error far exceeds the actual downside risk of making that error and the pain of correcting the error.

I still possess abundant perfectionist tendencies, but I have to keep those tendencies in check to write anything; I have to beat those tendencies into submission to actually share anything I write. If I don't share what I write, though, it's hard to see the point in writing at all.

Plus, I can tell you from experience that updating a post is gobs easier than writing the post in the first instance.

Not that writing posts is all that hard. A bonobo in it's cps at a key bored could due it.