Delicious beer in 13 easy steps

My first bottle of pilsner was finally ready to enjoy this evening: FirstBeer

And yes, that is a stylish Sporting Kansas City glass I am using. Nothing but the best for my first brew.

I can now vouch for the utter drinkability of my first effort at brewing. I'm biased, of course, but the taste confirms that this is the freshest beer I've had in a long, long time (since I shared a beer with a home brewer, actually).

The process was simple:

(1) Assemble the fermentor that came with the kit.

(2) Sterilize all my equipment with the cleaner provided in the kit.

(3) Boil some water and pour a can of malt extract that came with the kit into the pot (I opened the can with a sterile can opener, of course).

(4) Stir everything together with a sterile spoon.

(5) Put some cool water into the fermenter.

(6) Dump the wort (that's just water and malt extract) from the pot into the fermenter with the waiting cool water.

(7) Top off the fermenter with more water.

(8) Sprinkle the packet of yeast that came with the kit into the fermenter.

(9) Wait.

(10) Sterilize the bottles that came with the kit using the cleaning solution that came with the kit.

(11) Drop the carbonation drops into the sterile bottles, then fill the bottles with the flat beer.

(12) Wait.

(13) Drink and enjoy!

The process was easy. The result was delicious:



PS: You can get the kit I used here.