Chapter 15(ish)


Cold green beans dipped into nacho cheese sauce wasn't something Billy had ever wanted to try, but he had to admit that they beat the hell out of the long-dead squirrel and pine cones the aliens had brought them before.

Somehow the familiar contour of the industrial sized cans comforted Billy as he and Terry shoveled the school cafeteria food into their mouths in the dark. Their hands kept bumping in the cans between them.

"I hated this school food shit," Terry's voice came out of the darkness, "but it tastes okay when you are so damn hungry."

"I know, man." Billy felt nacho cheese sauce dribble through the stubble on his chin. "I just wish those monsters had brought us chips instead of beans. That'd be a lot better."

Lips smacked and slurped in the darkness.

"We still gotta find a way outta here," Billy said as the beans were becoming harder to fish out of the cold liquid inside the can.

"Yeah, maybe we can figure somethin' out now that we've ate some." Terry didn't sound optimistic.

Billy scrunched his forehead in thought. "Maybe we can use these cans to boost us up a little higher, I can stand on them and then you can climb onto my shoulders."

"That sounds like a way to break my neck."

"Well, you can stand on the cans and I can climb onto your shoulders--"

Suddenly the door on the opposite end of Billy's wrecked truck slid open. Billy and Terry squinted at the sudden light, bracing for the aliens to return. The tall slender silhouettes were in the doorway, the two men realized, but instead of standing, the shadows were writhing on the floor outside.

"Do you think they's fighting?" Terry asked in a whisper.

"I think they're fuckin'," Billy answered.

Their eyes adjusted as the young men watched the scene outside. They both clamped hands over their ears at the high pitched squeals before the shorter alien collapsed on top of the taller alien. The two creatures chirped once or twice, then lay still.

"Do you think they're dead?" Terry asked.

"Probably asleep." Billy watched the aliens suspiciously before making his decision. "Terrence, we're making a break for it.

Billy went first, crawling toward the open door and their captors' prostrate bodies. Terry followed behind. Billy gritted his teeth against the pain of his knees against the hard floor.

When he reached the doorway, Billy considered the two lanky grey creatures spread out in what he could see was a narrow hallway. The enormous bulges on the top corners of their heads were closed. The long legs were all tangled up, and the big one's arms were spreadeagled catty cornered across the hallway and up the walls on both sides.

Billy stood as stealthily as he could, wishing he had been abducted wearing sneakers instead of the steel toed boots the welding shop made him wear for work.

Out in the hallway, the passage ended with a window to his left above the grey feet. Billy couldn't see a way to open it and slip out, and he didn't want to risk the aliens waking up while he was figuring out a way to break it. Beyond the window, the low sun meant it was either morning or evening, but Billy had no idea which. In the other direction, the hallway ended after a few yards with a door like he was standing in, and there were more doors in the walls on either side. Heading to the right seemed the way to go, so Billy tiptoed through the maze of grey limbs.

Once he reached the end of the taller alien's long arms, Billy looked back at his friend. Terry was holding onto the side of the doorway, a look of terror on his face. Billy waved for him to hurry up.

Terry grimaced at every step as he worked his way through the alien flesh spread out on the floor. He was almost clear when his boot kicked the arm laying against the wall.

The creature twitched. Billy and Terry ran as fast as they could down the hallway.

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