Chapter 14(ish)


Suxi's breath came fast and hot through her slits as she watched her specimens devour the contents of the two cylinders Zorb had retrieved.

"The poor things were starving! she exclaimed as the two creatures shoveled fistfuls of the small green objects from the can labeled "GREEN BEANS" into their mouths. Occasionally they first dipped the green tube-like items into the strange sauce inside the can labeled "NACHO CHEESE SAUCE."

"Huh . . ." Zorb answered. He had been wondering about how he was ever going to fix that shielding on his saucer.

"The specimens," Suxi said, "they were sooooo hungry, see?" She pointed an elegant digit at the viewer.

"Yeah, they sure do seem to like that." Zorb's thoughts continued to drift to the arc welder his saucer wasn't equipped with. Even after three searches of his equipment bay, there still was no arc welder.

Suxi stepped closer to the distracted pilot. Her eyes bulged softly, sweetly. "I think you may have saved them, Zorb." Her large eyes smoldered into his. She traced his breath slits along his thorax with one slender digit. "I think you may have saved my research . . ."

"Well, there was considerable risk, Suxi, I may have mentioned that I was pursued . . ." In the back of his mind, Zorb wondered whether the aliens had developed welding technology he could appropriate like he had the foodstuffs.

"You were very brave, Zorb." She stepped closer yet, so close she brushed her breath slits against his.

Zorb quivered at the contact. "Umm, yes, I suppose." Thoughts of arc welders receded from his mind.

Suzi raised on tiptoes to brush her forehead between the eye bulges against Zorb's. The close contact pushed all thoughts of welders out of Zorb's thoughts. His thoughts snapped onto his passenger, no longer just a scientist paying him a fare for a job.

Their grey bodies pressed together against the wall outside the cargo bay. Arms and legs other parts came together in the way of their species. Their passion focused on one another. They didn't feel the hard wall behind them, or the jutting control panel, or floor when they finally found its horizontal surface. They didn't hear the soft hiss of the doors to the cargo bay open in response to Suxi's hip hitting the button. The didn't see the shocked looks on the faces of the two creatures inside the cargo bay at the sight of their captors in their embrace.

Zorb and Suxi saw only one another in that moment, and the moment after that moment.

"Oh, Zorb," Suxi cooed as she drifted to a rest.

"Mmm . . . welder . . ." Zorb answered.

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