Chapter 12(ish)


 Walking back from her fruitless pursuit almost made Reagan regret jumping out of her window and chasing after the strange creature removing canned goods from her old high school. She couldn't quite bring herself to wish she hadn't leapt after the unknown, but as soon as the adrenaline had worn off she did regret not grabbing a pair of shoes first.

Reagan had no idea what time it was when she ran off after what she had to admit looked quite like a space alien on the grainy security camera feed, but the walk back seemed to take forever. "It was probably just some kid playing a joke," she told herself as she trudged, but then she remembered the bulges on top of the creature's towering head.

No one knew she had hacked into the school's computer system but Wade the janitor, and even he didn't know that Reagan could watch the security camera feeds, so no one was trying to play a trick on her. Most of the high school kids would be more likely to steal a goat and put it into the school as a joke than dress up like an alien. Even if a kid was trying to play a trick on whoever might watch the recorded video, anyone smart enough to know to play that kind of a trick would know that the video kept recording over itself every week, with video being watched by the principal only if there was reason to believe there was something to see.

That thought brought her up short. The sun was rising in front of Reagan as she emerged from the woods and into the school parking lot. She considered the situation at the edge of the pavement, her feet bleeding from a thousand small cuts. "There's a recording of that video," she said to herself, "I have to delete it before the principal or the police or FUS News get ahold of it."

Before resuming her painful walk back to her trailer, Reagan added, "Great, now I'm one of those people who talks to herself." Then she picked the shortest path across the hard pavement to the grassy field between the school building and the trailer park. She was only about halfway through her ginger trek across the pavement, dodging the broken glass she could spot, when a van careened into the parking lot. The side of the van proclaimed, "FUS Action News!"

"Shit shit shit shit," Reagan muttered under her breath as the van steered straight towards her.

A square jawed man climbed out of the passenger side. He wore a suit, but the tie either hadn't been put on yet, or else it had already been removed. Harry Krep's blue eyes bore through Reagan. Reagan tried to look casual, as if she were just out for a morning stroll barefoot and in her pajamas.

Harry Krep held out a somehow sinister hand. "Good morning, young lady." Reagan shivered at the smarmy smile and ignored the outstretched hand. Krep finally withdrew his hand and continued, "I was wondering if I could talk to you regarding the recent . . . events in these parts."

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