Chapter 11(ish)


Billy and Terry were lonely, tired of the dark, and still hungry. The jerky had tasted good, even better than usual, but there just hadn't been enough of it.

More to pass the time than anything else, Billy had groped around the perimeter of the room containing the remains of his truck. Billy worked methodically, feeling for any possible way out from the floor to up as far as he could reach and then sliding to his left in the darkness. He could feel two seams extending up from the floor over where the creatures came and went down by the tail-end of his truck. He figured that was a door, but he couldn't find anyway to open it. On the wall by the front of his truck there were two more seams, much further apart than the two for the door the aliens used to come and go.

"I think I found the door to the outside," Billy told Terry. "This one is wider than the truck. This must be how they drug it in here."

Billy traced the barely perceptible lines as high as he could reach, but they continued further than his hand could reach into the darkness above his head.

"Terry, can you climb up on my shoulders and maybe find a way to open this thing up, so's we can get out of here?"

"I dunno . . . maybe I can try." Billy heard Terry move toward him. "Keep talking, Billiam, so I can find you."

"I'm over here, ya fool," Billy said. "You are one ugly son of a bitch, so I am glad that it's dark in here."

"You don't have to be like that." Terry sounded more hurt than Billy expected.

"Nah, I'm just kidding. I don't really know what else to say to help you find me." Then Terry found Billy with a glancing punch to the chest.

"That's for callin' me ugly. Now, what do we need to do." Terry kept a hand on Billy.

"I'll crouch down, you try to get on my shoulders." Billy knelt down onto the floor, his hands braced against the wall where he hoped the door to the outside was. As he lowered himself, Billy once again wondered to himself how he was feeling so spry after that truck crash. Billy worried that those aliens were involved, which made him more scared than grateful.

Before Terry could get his second leg over Billy's shoulder, the seamed doorway at the other end of the truck lit up. Startled by what felt like blazing light, both young men crashed to the floor in a heap.

Each of the alien silhouettes bore a large canister. Billy's nose wrinkled with a scent that reminded him of the high school he had been so happy to leave for good a few weeks before. Moving slowly, each of the two creatures deposited its canister beside the two men on the floor. Then the aliens backed away from Billy and Terry. The two strange shadows left through the bright light of the doorway. The two friends were plunged into darkness again, but not before Billy had glimpsed the contents of the cans, confirming what Billy's nose had detected.

Billy's stomach rumbled despite his revulsion at the thoughts of school lunches. "Green beans and nacho cheese, Terrence. That's one hell of a meal there."


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