Broadcast television

I built a television antenna a few years back. We had decided to stop paying for satellite television, so we figured having a TV antenna would be a good idea. We don't use it very often. We used the antenna to tune in for the Women's World Cup Final yesterday. That was a wonderful spectacle to see. We watched from kick-off until the very end--at least until the announcers told us to turn to Fox Sports 1 for continuing coverage. Our antenna doesn't get cable, so we turned off the television and read for a bit.

Driving home today, I could see the clouds lowering overhead and commence to rotating a bit. My wife was watching the radar on her phone, occasionally encouraging me to hurry as I drove. When we got home, we used the antenna to tune our television to the weather report out of Kansas City. The leading edge of the storm swept through KC, tearing down trees and flooding streets. Our television showed us quite a spectacle, but not of the good kind. As I write this, I haven't heard of any injuries; I hope that holds.

We tune in for the big occasions, both the planned and the unexpected. We tune out for everything in between the spectacles. We skip the inane sitcoms and the breathless fear projected from behind an anchor's desk.

I know broadcast television relies on viewers watching their advertisements everyday to pay for covering the spectacles I watch on such rare occasions. I know I'm kind of a free-rider, but I just can't bring myself to tune in more often.