Blogging is fun!

An online friend of mine recently asked folks elsewhere about their thoughts on this whole blogging and tweeting and stuff for aspiring writers. "Platform building" turns out to be the word for it. I guess I've been platform building for awhile now, if that's what you want to call it. While my blogging and tweeting has induced a few people to go buy a book with some of my stories in it, I haven't exactly found fame or fortune here at

That's all more than okay! The most important thing about this blogging and tweeting and such is that it's fun. I enjoy composing posts and tweets. I love interacting with people. As far as hobbies go, writing in general and blogging in particular are pleasant and inexpensive. That's good enough for me.

A side benefit of blogging is the writing practice it affords me. When you write every day and subject your work to the world, or at least the small portion of the world that reads your blog, you spot your own silly tendencies and grow your skin a little thicker. My skin could still thicken further and I've plenty of silly tendencies left, but this is the kind of growth a person needs to actually make a go of writing professionally, I'm pretty sure.

And, heck, maybe someday this little corner of the interwebs will catch fire and fuel my future novel to epic-seller status. But probably not.

The actual payoff from all this platform building, the one that keeps me coming back, is the tingle of thoughts flowing from my head and out my finger tips to flicker onto a screen for someone else to consider. The pleasure of the experience is the real reason to keep at it.

Remember: blogging is fun!