Beer in the fridge

Big things come in small packages sometimes. Yesterday I put a couple of 740 ml packages of beer--at least, I'm hoping they hold beer--into my fridge. After my bit of premature tasting, I am hoping those two packages come up big. BeerInFridgeAfter a couple weeks of fermenting, two weeks of carbonation, and two more weeks of bottle conditioning (which looked quite a lot like the carbonation, inasmuch as both carbonating and conditioning involved letting the bottles sit in my basement), now I am chilling a couple of bottles for three days before my first proper taste of my very own beer.

I'm guessing that I have beer in those two bottles, as well as in their colleagues awaiting their own three-day stints to chill, but I won't really know if it's beer or some skanky malty substance until I open them up and have a sip.

The good things in life require time and patience and trust in the process, not to mention the risk of disappointment at the end. Even after waiting and then waiting some more, there's still that little  bit of waiting to go still at the end--to bring it all to temperature and let the yeast settle out, I gather in this case.

I'm pretty sure there's a moral there; I just hope it's a tasty one.