Be it hereby resolved

Be it resolved for the New Year to worry less about arbitrary standards of time, and space, and propriety, to seek authenticity over acceptance or approval;

to value sincerity over snark, but to give snark its due for bringing the self-aggrandizing down a notch or two;

to enjoy my vices enough to justify having them,

and to question whether pleasureless virtues are worth having at all;

to break mostly only that in need of demolition,

to build what needs creation even when I don't quite know how

(and even if the work is shoddy);

to seek out failure of the best kind

and to not shy away too much from failure of the bad kind,

to reserve my hesitation for failure of the worst kind;

and certainly not to fear failing to keep resolutions of the kind posted on a blog,

but to still give it a decent try at the very least.


Happy New Year, everyone!