There's a lot of basketball on television these days, and that's okay with me. Basketball isn't my favorite sport to watch anymore, or even my second favorite, but I enjoy a bit of Madness in my March as much as the next guy. When I was a kid, basketball was my favorite sport, and it was the only team sport I was able to play until I was old enough to drive myself.  As a farm kid, basketball's winter season was handy. Spring, summer, and fall each brought seasonal farm chores that precluded sports practice, or even much sports spectating. My farm obligations kept me from sports other than basketball until I was a sufficiently stubborn teenager to insist that I was going to play football and run track. Football was necessary because I figured that girls would dig a football player, and track had its own appeal along similar lines, but that's another story.

March is for basketball.

As far back as I can remember, I got to watch basketball on television in the winter. My earliest memories of my father are watching basketball games with him on our black and white television. A few years later we had a color television and watched a lot of NBA games while the weather was too cold for farm work beyond feeding animals and emergency repairs. I rooted for Magic Johnson and the Lakers, because Magic was cool and I liked the purple uniforms. Dad rooted for Larry Bird and the Celtics because Bird was a gritty white guy and my father was a bit racist.

Since those young days I have grown to enjoy other sports even more than basketball, but a game of hoops still holds appeal to me. I'm watching Purdue and Cincinnati as I type this. I'll be a Boilermaker fan for another thirteen minutes of game time, then I'll root for another team for a spell.

It's a fun diversion, and it's kind of nice, for old times' sake.