April Fool

I fear I might be a hipster, because I used to love April Fools' Day, back before it got popular. The internet has brought us many wonderful things. We can now all publish our books, write our blogs, share our videos, and tweet to our hearts' content. We can keep up with far flung relatives and make new friends on different continents. We can summon up information on obscure topics without even a trip to the library, and we can access more information than even the largest library could contain. All while still wearing our pajamas.

One not-so-wonderful thing the internet has brought us is the too easy April Fools' Day joke. Everyone (okay, not everyone, just a whole lot of people) use the internet to say incorrect and often not even funny things to the entire world on April First. This is where I want to say, in my best Crotchety Old Man Voice, that I remember when it used to be hard to play a prank, so you made damn sure it was a good one before you did it, except that I am pretty sure that my recollection of the great pranks of my youth have more to do with nostalgia than them actually being any good.

I suppose that if ninety percent of everything is crap, that applies to April Fools' Day as well as music and movies and the rest of everything. Today just happens to have a particularly high concentration of one specific kind of crap. No fooling.