An unwelcome visitor

I returned from my day job one afternoon not too long ago. I contemplated maybe watching a bit of baseball after dinner. I was happy to be home and to get chat with my wife. I didn't want company. I try to be a hospitable hillbilly, but not all visitors are welcome around here. Particularly unwelcome was the GINORMOUS GODDAM SNAKE that was climbing the wall between my garage doors to get to a bird nest. I'm a live and let-live kind of a guy, but I prefer snakes do their living well outside of the walls of my home.


To be fair to this particular slithery guest, it had at least stayed outside of our walls. As I drew to a stop outside the garage, I considered precisely how much my wife would prefer that the six feet of black snake remain outside. I thought of how the only thing that squicks my bride out like a mouse is a snake. I decided that discretion was the better part of not having a snake roaming my garage. I left the garage doors down and went to the front door. I watched where I stepped to be sure there wasn't another surprise along the way.

I'm pleased to report that my unwelcome visitor didn't stay long. I went out to check after dinner and it was gone. I can't say that I miss it, but I am glad that I snapped a picture while it was with us.

Sometimes even unwelcome visitors bring lessons with them.

Me, I've learned that I need to go and knock down that damn bird nest.