A Prime Day for Pluto

Thanks to my tax dollars being put to an excellent use, NASA has been sharing pictures of Pluto--FRICKING PLUTO--on the interwebs today. When I was a kid in grade school, I learned that Pluto was the ninth planet in our Solar System and that it was a little purple blob out there on the edge of a poster hung on our classroom bulletin board. Well, Pluto may no longer count as the ninth planet, but it's now way cooler than a purple blob:


My kids made lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' over the Pluto news today, and my wife and I have been right there with them. The pictures are stunning, and the information we're learning about everyone's favorite dwarf planet (it has ice mountains!) is pretty damn awesome, too. Thanks to NASA's scientists and the internet, I've had a great day.

'Oohs' and 'aahs' aren't the only sounds elicited by the internet today, though. I had to go to the other room earlier to make sure my wife wasn't dying on me. Turns out, she was just reading the #PrimeDay hashtag on Twitter. For those blessedly unaware, Amazon hyped today as a the best day in the history of buying shit on the internet to buy shit from them. Amazon billed the day as an opportunity for them to thank their prime members (like us here in the Benton Compound) with extra special deals. Turns out what Amazon considered to be extra special deals on awesome shit struck most people as . . . well, shit. Amazon offered us lots of bizarre things that we don't need or even vaguely desire at theoretically reduced prices. I say 'theoretically' because I have never in my life priced a chef's hat before. The craven enterprise received a well-deserved mocking on the twitter-machine, with hilarious results.

All-in-all, today pretty much summed up the internet: awesome science, naked greed, and mocking all at once.

I love you, internet.