A name to call yourself by

I went out on a date with Cecelia in college. I think that I asked her out as much for the name as anything else. I had never met a girl named Cecelia before.

Cecelia was a nice woman, but we didn't really hit it off, so we just had the one date. I am sure she doesn't remember me, and I can't really claim to remember much more than the concept of her. I remember asking her about the name 'Cecelia,' though. I think I asked if her parents were big Simon and Garfunkel fans.

Cecelia explained that when her family moved to America from Korea, her parents decided they would all choose 'American' names. She chose Cecelia, somehow. She was a little girl getting ready to leave the only home she had ever known, so her college-aged self didn't really remember what her younger self had thought about in picking that name.

It is a weird thing, to pick out your own name. A name to call yourself, a name for others to call you. Most of us make due with the names our parents give us, or maybe a nickname thrust upon us through serendipity or malice.

I call myself Tom.