A Shortage of Pith

To get a blog post read by more than one or two people, it usually needs to be pithy enough to cram down into a tweet. If I can summarize a post into a clever tweet, people will click through. If they click through to find a clever twist or two in the post itself, the result is usually page views and likes and other non-monetary payments for time spent at the keyboard. Hey, it won't buy me a cup of coffee, but it's fun.

I usually have a couple of wise-ass ideas to write about in my back pocket, especially going into a weekend. If I can get something witty and just ever-so-slightly snarky up before Friday evening, I chalk up my blogging weekend as a success and grab a beer. This Friday I had a couple of things in mind to write about, but the way my day unfolded didn't let me get any of my pithy ideas posted.

As I was stuck in traffic Friday evening listening to NPR tell me about the horrors in Paris, my selfish self was glad that I hadn't gotten something pithy posted here. For the moment, there ought to be a decided shortage of pith in the media. Attempts at pithiness about the attacks have been frankly terrible. Sometimes holding your peace is the best option, and I'm glad that my peace was preemptively held. 

I still don't have anything insightful or witty to say about these atrocities, not that anyone comes here for those kinds of insights. I'm okay with acknowledging that a response to such barbarism is beyond me. I wish others would do the same.