Someone smarter than me once told me that when it comes to blogging and tweeting and other social media-ing, your ratio of All Other Stuff to self-promotion should be at least 10 to 1.  I don't doubt that is good advice, and it's advice I try to follow--but not today. Today Creep went live as a Kindle download from Amazon. Creep, of course, is an anthology of poetry and flash fiction in which I managed to get my work included with poetry and stories from five extraordinarily talented writers. One route to success in life is to hang around with people smarter and more talented than you, which is something I accomplished in this little book. In my excitement, I've been skewing my self-promotion ratio quite a bit today, especially on Twitter. That won't continue, but since this is the first time something with my name on it has been in the Amazon store, I hope everyone will indulge me and forgive any excess.

While I already have my ratio out of whack, let me close with: buy our book! Please!