The ones you're supposed to win


The standings coming into the weekend marked the Colorado Rapids as a bad team, the worst in the Western Conference. The same standings told us that Sporting Kansas City was at least a pretty good team, with their middling position in the standings compensated by having played fewer games than their opponents to date. Sporting was supposed to beat the Rapids last night, but I have seen my Boys in Blue drop points in many a match they were supposed to win. Once already this season, Sporting flirted with losing outright to a bad Philadelphia team before snatching a victory in dramatic fashion, so I viewed the match against the Rapids as a test of KC's progression thus far this season.

Test passed.

The 2-0 defeat of the Rapids was about as ho-hum as a home victory can be. Sporting played okay, but not anywhere close to their best, yet they won by a comfortable scoreline. That's what good teams do when bad teams come to visit.

The highpoint of the night had to be Chance Myers returning to MLS action after his long recovery from the torn Achilles. We shouldn't pretend that Chance is back to 100% yet, but he sure did bring something special to Sporting's right side, both in the attack and on defense. The ball Chance delivered to Nemeth for the first goal of the night isn't the sort of thing many right backs in MLS can do. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Chance Myers. A few seasons ago, you could mistake him for a happy-go-lucky surfer boy, but the dude was intense enough to rehab a terrible injury. In his postgame interview last night, the surfer boy only peaked around the edges a little--an older, more mature professional spoke proudly of the clean sheet without regretting his missed opportunity on goal from a set-piece.

This Sporting Kansas City team isn't a finished product yet. There's talk of players on the way in. As much as I like the guys we have, we dearly need reinforcements. Another center back is a necessity more than a luxury, especially with Besler possibly destined for the knockout round of the Gold Cup later this summer. I'm all-in on Dom Dwyer at center froward, but after watching him take yet another premeditated beating from the opponent's backline last night, I'm convinced that at a minimum we need another striker to soak up some minutes and some abuse in Dom's place. I fear that if we don't find help for Dom soon we will be without Dom altogether (and as great a player as Nemeth is, he's not likely to withstand the beating that position takes without a backup if pressed into service by a Dwyer injury).

There's work to do for this team, yes. But as works-in-progress go, winning the ones you're supposed to win is a good place to be right now.

Go, Sporting!